Yes I know a few. Not my friends.  These women do not value themselves, they're weak..

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Bring it hairdresser. Oh that's right,  you tried. ..

You cant compete when you dont compare. And truthfully. I feel sorry for you. Living in my shadow, knowing that no matter how hard you try you will never ever come close to comparing to me? It must be very defeating.

Don't be a weak woman

Don't stoop to her pathetic level. You are not weak. You were raised to be strong as steel.

Excuse me, I think you've been confusing 'strong, independent woman' with 'angry, lonely bitch.'

Excuse me, I think you've been confusing 'strong, independent woman' with 'angry, lonely bitch.

Bless your heart, you don't realize you are crazy and pathetic.

Excuse my hair the next 4 months. I drive a Jeep Wrangler. Can't wait to get that top off :)

I don’t hate you, I pity you.

So sad to see two people desperate for the "perfect relationship" that they get so dilusional and think nobody else notices.

hearing " I'm fat" and " I have no friends"  makes you sure sound like you're not being an attention whore or to put it nice cough cough playing the victim. hmmm

Stop playing the victim to the situation you created. Not that I even talk to him anymore, but you are the one that made him not want you. Stop being an immature bitch.

Don't expect someone to marry you when all you do is let them play you for years and treat you like the basic whore you are but want to pretend you are a good woman and worth it lol...please!!! Man can see the real you and what you allow. That is why you had being played all this time. Men don't waste time when they really fall for someone. You are simply pathetic lol...missing a married man lol... what a great role model your poor child has...

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It cracks my friends, my counselor and myself up that this pathetic, insecure woman believes that she is the one! Yet she purchased a GO phone to pretend to be another woman so she can trap her so called soulmate or true love! She doesn't trust him and her actions have only proven how desperate she is! Multiple divorces! No job! :( too busy chasing a married man and stalking his wife on social media so she can show everyone what kind of woman she truly is! No friends either! No surprise!

This is a far-beyond truth pin. Between the two of them, good grief - just own it.