Parametric Bike Stand by Nikola Kunguloski via

Parametric Bike Stand le banc à vélo

The whole idea behind parametric design is that you can reshape the same basic form by applying different surface modifiers, each based upon a different primitive shape. By manipulating the variables, digitally, it is possible to arrive at thousands of possibilities.

“ Voronoi Morphologies / Matsys Voronoi Morphologies is the latest development in an ongoing area of research into cellular aggregate structures. The voronoi algorithm is used in a wide range of fields including satellite navigation, animal habitat.

Oleg Soroko is a young architect and designer based to Moscow, he presents his work on parametric design, which gave birth «Scate chair» and a «Parametric bench» with organic shapes.

Parametric Bench – Interior Design by Oleg Soroko More about the parametric bench design concept on WE AND THE COLOR. Design, Interior Design and Product Design inspiration on WE AND THE.