Large impact with just vertical colored slats.

Exterior Signage - Painted vertical Slats down the edge of the building, more narrow, 990 vertically applied, illuminated from behind or up-lit.

Outdoor signage blending with the environment. Visit the boards >>

Escritórios de Design Gráfico Ambiental #108

Lovely neon sign @ualartseen head office. Designed by @Alphabetical

Lovely neon sign @ualartseen head office. Designed by @Alphabetical

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As a collector of vinyl and lover of all things 80s, I feel like I need to find this shop as soon as possible. The outside makes me happy, and I'm sure the inside would too.

Awesome Signage Design

Voo Store Berlin Shopping | Last To The Party

Window Shopping: Voo Store

Eye catching sign using vinyl on a mirror - good idea to use outside your craft fair booth at an outdoor market