We all have heard of people getting rich by selling vintage items but do you know that old toys that were bought cheap in the past are worth thousands of dollars today? See how much they cost now.

Do you have old toys hiding at home? Maybe it's time to find them. You'll be surprised to know how much they are worth today. Take a look at our list of 20 Older Toys with unbelievable values.

Old toys.. oh yes... loads of fun out of simple things.. now in days its ipods and other hoodinkies

"Mickey Mouse Block and Wooden Top" - by Paul Wolber. ~Acrylic on gessoed masonite

Wooden stacking toy from the 40's. I purchased this today. :)

I still have this exact stacking toy from my childhood. It will be here when all those plastic ring stackers are long gone!

Lost | Forgotten | Abandoned | Displaced | Decayed | Neglected | Discarded | Disrepair |

Forget Forgot Forgotten - old toys rather creepy and freaky photo art of an abandoned nursery or is it ?

3-D back in the day

What Toys Did You Play With As A Kid?

So……how many of you can remember the View-Master? I can’t because it was before my time. I remember being a little girl and quite fascinated by the view-master. I could travel the world sitting on the sofa and not having.

Old toy.. Did every house have this? Loved watching the eyes move when you pulled it

Old toy. Did every house have this? Loved watching the eyes move when you pulled it. I wonder do they still sell these?

Old toys  This poster was hanging in my antique toy store in the mid-70's. How wonderful to find it again on Pinterest.

These old toys have been divided up into sections of a printer's tray, almost like the rooms of a dolls house

Ives “Jupiter” Clockwork Engine c1880. Toy still works

*IVES "JUPITER' CLOCKWORK ENGINE ~ Ives, Blakeslee Company Bridgeport, Connecticut, This is a graphic image of an American tin locomotive.

Mybrother and I got one every Xmas Eve. Then my kids got one every Xmas Eve. Great childhood tradition.

5 Classics Every Kid Should Have

slinky, slinky, for fun its a wonderful toy. slinky, slinky, fun for a girl or a boy