English cottage...une petite maison pour y vivre & écrire un roman <3

How beautiful, like a scene from a Thomas Hardy novel. How I would love to live here, hear the brook and walk along it and watch the kingfishers. Whoever you are that compared this to a Thomas Hardy novel, you are my new favorite person.

Love the style of this window with the curve on top and the shudders cut to fit. Love the window box as well! cb

Like Living In a Novel

"This home is built in the French Normandy style of architecture. French Normandy architecture came into popularity right after the end of the first World War. It gets its inspiration from the grand French chateaus".

Inspiring Old Cottage Rehabilitation in Scotland: The Torispardon Project - http://freshome.com/inspiring-old-cottage-rehabilitation-in-scotland-the-torispardon-project/

Gabled stone and glass Torispardon house reinterprets Scottish farm buildings. Nice synergy of old and new