Old Cemetery, since 145 years this grave is decorated with fresh flowers

Cemeteries Ghosts Graveyards Spirits: Old For 145 years, this grave has been decorated with fresh flowers.

Super eerie feeling. Would be great to have a hidden skull in a tree for this scene. Would use the red forest inspiration for the forest to be brought in. Fully brought in at plain scene with no churchyard

death tree Black and White dark dead cross goth gothic cemetery disturbing graveyard gravestone

Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Final resting place of Proust, Chopin, and Edith Piaf

Pére Lachaise Cemetery Paris, France Final resting place of Proust, Chopin, Wilde, and Jim Morrison.

Old Jewish Cemetery in Josefov, the old Jewish quarter in Prague

Old Jewish Cemetery, Josefov, Prague, Chzech Republic.Oldest headstone dating back to 1439

I know sometimes I'm weird, but I ♡ old cemeteries!

This reminds me of a Supernatural screen shot.like the entrance to a cemetery. Just thought it was cool :) Dark Gate, Cambridge, England photo via minnie

Old Cemetery, Charleston, SC

hueandeyephotography: Cemetery Gate in the Mist, Charleston, SC © Doug Hickok All Rights Reserved hue and eye the peacock’s hiccup More here…