Sam Bell, Thomas Brodie-Sangster & Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Nowhere Boy) love this movie

nowhere boy,Sam Bell, Thomas Brodie-Sangster(maze runner) & Aaron Taylor-Johnson(avengers)

Nowhere Boy, a movie about young John Lennon. It was seriously amazing and I was crying at the end. Definitely worth the watch!

WONDERFUL film about the life of a young John Lennon, right before The Beatles!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a young John Lennon in NOWHERE BOY

Aaron Johnson as John Lennon in "Nowhere Boy.he's way too cute to be John Lennon.

nowhere boy.. Hehe American Vs. British boys

nowhere boy. British boys《 actually more like the 2 stereotypes of British men. btw Thomas sangster/Paul McCartney, you're too cute for words.

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Walking into a room and Thomas sees you for the first time and looks at you like this.

haha such a great scene.

Nowhere Boy. Narra la historia de una leyenda del Rock n' roll.

Hector Rose (Aphrodite's younger brother)

Move Over 'Twilight': 'Nowhere Boy' Is Hair Today

Thomas and Aaron...they look so good playin' guitar! :D

Aaron Johnson as John Lennon and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Paul McCartney in Nowhere Boy