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This is so true. Usually people who I think are friends are only around when something bad is going on. Sadly. This is why I won't be talking to some people anymore.

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Whimsical: Only a few people care. The rest are just curious.

This is for no one in particular but I love Bernie Mac & I can hear him…

Bernard Jeffrey “Bernie Mac” McCullough, comedian and actor, passed August 2008

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This is true and the older I get the more I realize I don't have the time anymore to socialize with people I have nothing in common with. This has given me peace in my life - this was an important and liberating lesson I learned.

Self righteous people who point fingers and put you down for the very exact things they themselves do

Thanks for noticing every tiny typo as well as advising me on the rest of my life. I'd sit here and take notes but I fear I'll stab you in the eye with my only working pen.

Lmao, there's a lot of it, still you want to ask   about me  to see if i failed..... Do some lines bitch

Lmao, there's a lot of it, still you want to ask about me to see if i failed. Do some lines bitch

Love this quote because it's true.

Lmfao when I say this is so true they will sit there and CREATE the life they wish you had in their head to make themselves feel good. For all of the desperately curious, there's nothing but blessings over here, sorry not sorry😂😂😂

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When people don't know what's going on in your life they speculate, fabricate, or make up rumors