Functional art. Z is always lining her animals up. Why not make it an artful display when not in use?

Quite a zoo

A very nice Noahs Ark on display. The number 40 in the Bible is symbolic of a period of testing. Just as Noahs faith was put to the test of 40 days and nights of rain, the children of Israel being tested in the wilderness for 40 years, Jesus fasting of

This has to be one of the most unique instances of DIY lighting I've ever seen. I am in love.

Decorate your bedroom with these mystical and dreamy LED cloud lights! They’re fun and simple to make and they really make your room stand out! Great idea for night light or holiday decor as well. Who doesn’t have a dream of walking in the clouds.

Absolutely in love with this hamper...need this for the baby's room in white!!a $55.20 at Home Depot

Home Decorators Collection Animal 16 in. W Laundry Hamper in White

15 Noah’s Ark Nursery Design Ideas

Emma's Ark and Jungle Nursery Wall Mural: Emma's Noahs Ark and jungle nursery theme started with drawing and sketching the ideas out. Our goal for decorating our baby girl's nursery was to include

Noah's Ark Nursery. I <3 that murel :)

15 Noah’s Ark Nursery Design Ideas (tweak a bit to use for the church's nursery)

I think Jess v does these, commission her for the hooks?

Make Ferociously Charming Animal Hooks

DIY: animal hooks Decorate a baby’s nursery with this wildly adorable coat rack, seen on "The Martha Stewart Show." To add texture, like fur, to your creatures, apply paint over the base coat using a stippling brush. LITTLE SAFARI ROOM