Le Meow Le Mew: Car Lust//Nissan Figaro

Le Meow Le Mew: Car Lust//Nissan Figaro ice cream pink or pistachio, never liked green cars but could be tempted :)

Nissan Figaro. I'd love to have one. Or two or three because I can't decide upon the color, grey, blue or green.... Would go nicely with my macarons!

Nissan Figaro. ¿Lo conocias?

1991 Nissan Figaro

1991 Nissan Figaro not a real Beach Car but close enough for me. This is the car I'm going to buy. Just some doubts about the color. My kids (girls) love the 'emerald green', I prefer 'pale aqua'.

91年(H03)2月、新型時の1.0 ベースモデルのインパネ

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I live there. That is my car. Jacob Bannon is waiting inside. With pizza.

The Nissan Figaro produced in 1991 . The convertible city car is one I'd love to own for myself, oh and the townhouse of course ;

The Classic Style Luggage Carrier for the Nissan Figaro

Premium quality permanent luggage racks with custom fittings suitable for the Nissan Figaro.

The 1991 Nissan Figaro – Designed by Shoji Takahashi

The 1991 Nissan Figaro – Designed by Shoji Takahashi

Nissan Figaro, made in 1991 as a "retro" modern car for Japan.

My dream car! Nissan Figaro: Wish upon a car... Glorious retro styling in ice cream shades.

Photo of Nissan Figaros cars in Emerald Green, Topaz Mist, Lapis Grey and Aqua Blue