6 Ways to Help a NICU Mom from a proud NICU Mama and March of Dimes supporter!

6 Ways to Help a NICU Mom

Do you know someone who's got a baby in the NICU? Here are some practical ways to help them through this difficult time.

These 9 unique, and beautifully designed NICU milestone cards are perfect for capturing all those precious moments in the early stages of your preemies life. Simply take a photo of your little one with the appropriate milestone card beside them, then fill in the reverse side. Here you can record date, age, weight, length and note lines making your special milestone personal.

Our NICU card pack includes 9 milestones: - I was born __ weeks early - My first kangaroo cuddle - Today I had my first bath - Today I moved into a cot - Hooray no more feeding tubes - Today I came off oxygen, I can breath on my own - Today I wore…

The statistical challenges of saving an extraordinary preemie Infographic

The statistical challenges of saving an extraordinary preemie Infographic micro=preemies viability chance of survival early labor pregnancy

Here are 15 questions to ask when you're the proud parent of a NICU baby. | #preemie

When you've got a baby in the NICU, you need to speak up

10 Photographs To Take If Your Baby is in the NICU

If your little one ends up in the NICU, here are some pictures you should take to remember this time.

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Ill never forget my troubles with my emma only 34 weeks preemie but strong, not even a week in the hospital ♡ fighter like mommy

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