What to do (and not to do) AFTER the wedding! Great tips :)

7 After Wedding Ideas Every Newlywed Needs to Know

Skim these after wedding ideas and post-wedding "To Do" list to help you avoid post-wedding regret!

--- Printable Date Night Idea Cards by MyCrayons --- Just because you are getting married, doesn't mean you should stop dating...each other of course! Have your friends share their favorite date night ideas with you on these printable date night advice cards. Ideal for a purple bridal shower or rustic wedding favor.

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Newly Wed Tip Jar http://www.confettidaydreams.com/newlywed-tip-jar/ Here's how to make this cute Tip Jar for your wedding as an adorable guest book alternative!:

"Leave Us A Tip" Jar - FREE PRINTABLE guestbook alternative

DIY Guest Book Alternative: Newlywed Advice ♥ DIY Newlywed 'TIP' Jar Guest Book Alternative Time to Complete: Less than 15 minutes Skill Level: Very Easy The Newly Wed Tip Jar is a fun guest book alternative which puts a unique spin

9 Lessons I Learned In My First Year Of Being Married | Marriage Tips | First Year Marital Advice | Newlywed Advice | theMRSingLink

9 Lessons I Learned In My First Year Of Being Married

In a year of marriage, a lot can change - but mostly from what I've learned. Here are 9 lessons I learned in my first year of being married.

When given the chance to meet with your all-time crush of all girl crushes Lauren Conrad, you better come prepared with some essential questions to ask this leading lady. And while we’d happily discuss pretty much anything with the designer/author/domestic goddess that she is, let’s get real; we wanna know what she’s learned since she married her […]

Lauren Conrad's Advice for Newlyweds is a Total Must-Read

Newlywed Advice Coaster | Round 4" | For Your Party

Newlywed Advice Coaster

Newlywed Advice Coaster | Round 4" | For Your Party

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Here’s a taste of what a newlywed has learned over the last ninety days of marriage.

Here’s a sweet and challenging taste of what one newlywed has learned over the last 90 days of marriage: