Nail piercing by Park Eunkyung

45 Fascinating Nail Art Trends You've Never Tried

Edgy manicure: Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her pierced black nails - with a silver ch...

Kim Kardashian tries out pierced nails again with a silver chain

Trend or Nah Would You try Kim Kardashians Pierced Nail Manicure?

24 Pierced Nails: A 90s Nail Trend Makes a Comeback

24 Pierced Nails: A 90s Nail Trend Makes a Comeback

So many.. Many.. Gorgeous nails I can't get enough of �

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I'm doing the one on the top only. On my left hand ring finger.

"I used to do this in HS, guess its back in style nail piercing" I would never have guessed that this was even a thing

Like the nail piercing

Nail Piercing

Piercing nails are very well-known amongst teenager. Most females choose going to the elegance salon for acrylic nails.



Diy: Nail Piercing Really....why would you do this?!  Not only is it ugly, it would take all of 2 seconds for that sucker to snag on something and rip your nail right off.

Diy: Nail Piercing

kylie jenner pierces her pinky nail- apparently as artistic as they get

Kylie Jenner Pierced WHAT?

Last minute touch-up: Kylie Jenner adds a pop of colour to her monochrome look with a bright pink lipstick

What is a nail piercing? Bella Thorne explains it all!

Nail Piercing No-No

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