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Whether you are a cat lover or not, you will be amazed by the spectacular fur markings on these beautiful felines. The Chronic Worrier Tom (Cat) Selleck The Tiger The Hipster I Heart You The Dalinian Mustache / Eyebrow

The moustache

A cat with a Salvador Dali mustache has become an Internet sensation. Hamilton, dubbed the 'Hipster Cat' has a white marking under his nose that looks just like the artist's famous facial hair.

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Hamilton The Hipster Cat Is, Like, So Over It

Catsparella: Hamilton The Hipster Cat Mustache You A Question

==^,,^== ... Nice Stache! ... ==^,,^=

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Animals With Unusual Fur Markings. That poor dog!! Lol

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20 Cheeky Cats Who Are Sticking Their Tongues Out At You

20 Cheeky Cats Who Are Sticking Their Tongues Out At You

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"The cat does not break things; she helps gravity do its job." -- Politically Correct Cat Definitions

This Cat was Born With a Perfect Mustache - Sometimes facial hair can turn you into a glorious walrus!

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I Mustache you a question.... :) ... i can't stand all those stupid / ugly fake mustache things going around on the internet but this was just too cute to pass up since it is natural :) I had an aunt who's cat had this same stache :)

Mustache Kitty