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My umi says shine your light on the world, shine your light for the world to see

Rapper/Actor Mos Def (aka) Yasiin (aka) Dante's bday is also. He clockin too

can i just say how much i love me some mos?

The Artist Formerly Known as Mos Def

Hip-hop's most thoughtful MC goes by a new name—Yasiin Bey. But what's really evolved is his style: a genre-crashing, bohemian mix of influences from Savile Row to Michael Jackson Mos Def may have made his.

mos def-inately happy Mos Def would make a great Camden!

Mos Def would be the dopest rappers of all time and also, fantastic in the Italian Job.

Mos Def

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my presence speaks volumes before I say a word --mos def... now yasiin bey

my presence speaks volumes before I say a word --mos def. now yasiin bey

Read Mos Def's First-Ever Cover Story From 2000 | The FADER

Read Mos Def’s First-Ever Cover Story From 2000

Mos Def interviewed by Miles Marshall Lewis for The Fader, Spring 2000 issue.

Mos Def such a sexy man! Yummy! I love his brain and his face

Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def - is a kind man. Kind enough to have normal conversation with me. Met him late last year here in Cape Town, South Africa.