How to set up a morning meeting in your kindergarten classroom

A few years ago, I dabbled in using a morning meeting in my first grade classroom. I wrote my students a message every day and occasionally did team building activities in our circle.

Every child, every day, needs to feel valued and included! Here's how!

The teacher engages learners in generating and evaluating new ideas and novel approaches, seeking inventive solutions to problems, and developing original work.

A Collection of FREE Morning Meeting Greetings & Activities by Sarah Gardner | Teachers Pay Teachers

Morning meeting greetings can be done through, singing, dancing, chanting,etc. This is a great free resource to help implement the first component of morning meetings.

Free Morning Meeting Greetings & Activities

This is a collection of Morning Meeting greeting and activity cards. The Morning Meeting can be used in any classroom to build community and communication skills. Looking for other time-saving Morning Meeting resources?

3 Cheer for Dr. Jean's Cheers!

3 Cheer for Dr. Jean's Cheers!

Jean's Cheer cards have been given a facelift. Here is a collection of all her classic cheers looking better than ever. AND we added a few new ones as well. FREE (I'd use these with all elementary grades. I've seen these make graders grin!

awesome morning meeting charts!!!!!

Responsive Classroom teachers and those who do morning meeting.check this out: Daily news chart examples / morning messages Do something similar but on the smart board

Use these questions of the day with your preschool, kindergarten or first graders for attendance or morning meeting. Sight words and picture cues make the questions easy to read.

Question of the Day for Beginning Readers: Pocket Chart Cards

Help your beginning readers feel successful by using the unique questions of the day - they feature common sight words, making them easy to read! Also graphing

GoNoodle: The Morning Meeting - Tech With Jen

GoNoodle: The Morning Meeting

Use GoNoodle to create a one of a kind morning meeting to inspire students and provide them with the tools they need to take care of themselves.

Pass the Clap - A Fun Game! This is a game with many benefits in the classroom, and plenty of giggles, too!

Pass the Clap - A Fun Game!

A couple of years ago, I learned a fun circle game called "Pass the Clap". My kiddos really love it, and it's got many benefits! It's a nice break from the regular It helps the children