milky ways=space party

Out of this World! A "Space" themed Birthday Party for an OUTATHISWORLD little guy!

star and crescent rice crispy shapes                                                                                                                                                                                 More

star and crescent rice crispy shapes for Ramadan and Eid. NOTE TO SELF: make something star and crescent shaped on Eid

Moon pies at an Outer Space Birthday Party!  See more party ideas at!

Astronaut / Outer Space Birthday Party Ideas

20 ideas for a Fabulous Outer Space Party | Artsy Craftsy Mom  All things space and astronauts for a space birthday party #spaceparty . A full Outer Space Party Plan - Invitations , decor, food, games & gift ideas . Blast off to birthday fun with this Outer Space party! Your mini cosmonauts will love the space-themed food and decorations. Out of this World birthday party. Earth and Space Exploration day.

20 Fabulous Outer Space Party Ideas For Kids

How to make: Moon Rocks / Space Themed Kids Activities - Printables, games, recipes, and more! These are perfect for a lazy summer day!