Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy - so cute

This was my Cinch when he was a baby now he is a rolly polly - V - Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy - so cute

Miniature Australian Shepherd - Fraser

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

Full-bred Mini Australian Shepherd puppy for sale in GA. We are an American Kennel Club (AKC) Certified Breeder that specializes in top-quality Aussie Puppies.

Miniature Australian Shepherd | CA Puppies | CA Mini Australian Shepherd Puppies | Australian Shepherd ...

Designer Mini Aussies in Wilton California is a Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeding Program with a Puppy Guarantee!

Tea Cup Australian Shepherds  Didn't know there was such a breed.  Adorable!

Two Tea Cup Australian Shepherd puppies inside of a black wicker basket jumped up on the side, a black, tan and white and a tan, grey and white pup.

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Breeders of quality toy australian shepherds and mini australian shepherd puppies in all colors, blue merle, red merle black tri and red tri. Teacup toy to small mini sized Aussies. Lots of Aussie info and photos on our site

Dexter the Miniature Australian Shepherd | Puppies | Daily Puppy. OMG He is sooo cute!!

Miniature Australian Shepherd Christopher and I have made an executive decision to adopt one as soon as we get a place with a yard!

Miniature Australian Shepherds Butterfly Hunting

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog