Curiosities: War Art by US Soldiers

Curiosities: War Art by US Soldiers . see Bear Tales for gallery.

I have this print at home reproduced as a poster as for an air show. Romain Hugault art.

flytofight: “ Romain Hugault Based on fact that the Spit and Hurricane are buzzing a babe on a bicycle in a flower field, I’m going to assume this depiction is over Holland, can anyone clarify?

Op Art and Colored Pencil Tutorial - Art 1

Op Art and Colored Pencil Tutorial - Art 1 (That Little Art Teacher)

I love Op Art and I thought it would be the perfect lesson to teach Art how to use colored pencils. We began by discussing Op Art, M. Escher, Victor Vasarely, and Bridget Riley. Then we discu

Overwatch Playboy Magazine Is The Only Thing I Want To Read


This is a concept art of a futuristic helicopter. Japanese Self Defense Force armed helicopter made by the Japanese military complex.

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Even before the end of hostilities, motorheads found ways to improvise .

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Howard Miller’s World War II famous “We Can Do It” propaganda poster (commonly known as the “Rosie the Riveter” poster) is an example of a design whose meaning has become misconstrued over time, as reported by FIDM Graphic Design Student, Sara Berkes.