Hubert Robert (French, 1733–1808). The Swing, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917 (17.190.27) #paris

"The Swing" -- Century -- Robert Hubert -- French -- Oil on canvas -- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Edward Hopper: Evening Wind (25.31.7) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Evening Wind Artist: Edward Hopper (American, Nyack, New York New York) Date: 1921 Medium: Etching Dimensions: Plate: 6 x 8 in. x 21 cm) Sheet: 9 x 10 in. x 27 cm)

Loving couple (mithuna), Eastern Ganga dynasty, 13th century  Orissa, India - Ferruginous stone.  You can see it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC!

"Hot Valentine's Day," a visual essay by Mary Ann Barton, illustrated with a stone sculpture from century India, Loving Couple (Mithuna).

Henri Regnault: Salomé (16.95) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Regnault, Henri, Salomé - Henri Regnault - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Abduction of the Sabine Women Nicolas Poussin (French, Les Andelys Rome) Date: probably Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 60 x 82 in. x cm) Classification: Paintings Credit Line: Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1946 Accession Number:

RUBENS Pieter Paul - Flemish (Siegen 1577-1640 Antwerp) - The Coronation of the Virgin  oil sketch

"The Coronation of the Virgin" -- Circa -- Peter Paul Rubens -- Flemish, Siegen -- Oil on wood -- Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hearing The Voice.    Oil on canvas. Mucha designed the frame as well.    In the Metropolitan Museum of Art.   Hosted on Lines and Colors blog; Charley Parker

Maude Adams as Joan of Arc, Alfons (Alphonse) Mucha. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Beach (A Praia), 1997  Beatriz Milhazes. Art Experience:NYC

The Beach (A Praia), 1997 Beatriz Milhazes (Brazilian, born Acrylic, metallic paint, metal leaf on canvas