8 Tileable Metal Textures

Beautiful texture and pattern design an invaluable asset for any graphic designer. There are lots of pattern and texture design available on internet but its

Great silver brushed metal texture background - http://www.myfreetextures.com/great-silver-brushed-metal-texture-background/

Here is another brushed metal texture background. It could be steel or aluminium by I labelled it silver which of the three it is probably the least likely to

Otto Piene

Otto Piene - love the texture - Wonder if the medium is paper with pinpricks? Texture, Paper/papier, Effect/effet.

Acero corten en obra

This is listed as Corten steel and signed "Serrano Fajardo." A quick search shows that corten steel is a kind of rusted building material, but the other name reveals nothing. Gorgeous and infinitely useable.

This look is probably a bit overdone but I like it

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Gerard Hermand

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