laprimeradetodas: Las otras caras de Twister

I've always wanted to play messy twister. The thing is, I don't wanna play it with my friend cause she would push me and smother me with paint.

Messy twister- how flipping fun is this??? I can't wait to play this with the kids this Summer!

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Play Twister with a messy twist! Put colored shaving cream on the spots and have messy outdoor Twister fun!

For those of you who fear no mess... a paint party is a blast! And don't forget to take before and after pictures.

Summer Fun Paint War Party

i went on a camp once and we played this, it's one of the messiest funniest games i've ever played (sorry is there where a couple of words in there that aren't actually real)

39 Slumber Party Ideas To Help You Throw The Best Sleepover Ever

I LOVE this!!!!!! would be so much fun to have a paint party with face painting, paint fights, paint balloon darting, tie-dye, silly sting, glow sticks/paint, messy twister.. And the whole nines!!!! Eeekkkkk so excited just thinking about it

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To play messy twister // Oh yeah, definitely doing this for my birthday!! Beware all who are invited ;)

"UV-Reactive Paint : Wildfire Luminescent Paint which is FABULOUS, but some acrylic paints at your local craft store will glow.

Play a game of Messy Twister!! Cover colored dots with paint and wear white..see how clothes turn out!!

Play a game of Messy Twister! Cover colored dots with paint and wear white.see how clothes turn out!