Mummy-to-Be: Wrapping yourself in fabric strips or toilet paper, is the easiest Halloween costume ever – and it doubles as a pregnancy announcement! We love this maternity version with the eyes peeking out and a bow to automatically answer the first question everyone asks you.  Find more creative, cute, funny and easy DIY maternity Halloween costumes the will dress up your pregnant bellies here.

18 Hilarious and Easy Pregnancy Costumes to Help You Win Halloween

The best roundup of Halloween costumes for pregnancy. Over 60 ideas for maternity Halloween costumes. Save this for when you're pregnant!

creative homemade maternity Halloween costumes ideas pumpkin lantern t shirt

Maternity Halloween costumes are especially created for pregnant women as many of them wonder what costume to choose to look feminine and stylish?

Winnie the Pooh

19 Creative Costumes For Expectant Mamas

From movie-inspired pregnancy costumes to cool painted baby bumps, check out our pick of 10 creative ways to dress your baby bump this Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Face Maternity Shirt / by CutieButtsBoutique

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