The technique behind Martin Schoeller's photography...  "And that always fascinated me, the idea of taking portraits, in my case, that allow comparison, treating different people from different walks of life and backgrounds all the same. Photographing everybody technically the same. Therefore, building a democratic platform that allows comparison and invites comparison."

Q&A: The Technique Behind Martin Schoeller's Photography

This is how celebrities really look like.normal people :D Paris Hilton These photos were taken by the talented photographer Martin Schoeller. See the whole collection of similar close-up portraits here

George Clooney with Mask; Brooklyn, NY, 2008: Martin Schoeller’s Portraits

Slide Show: Martin Schoeller’s Portraits

newyorker: For more than a decade, Martin Schoeller captured a wide range of famous characters for the magazine.George Clooney with Mask;

Jack Nicholson (John Joseph "Jack" Nicholson an American actor, film director, producer, and writer.)

The Celebrity Atheist and Skeptics List

MARTIN SCHOELLER Jack Nicholson, 2002 Martin Schoeller is a New York-based photographer whose style of "hyper-detailed close ups" is distinguished by similar treatment of all subjects whether they are celebrities or unknown.

This is a variation of clamshell lighting. The light has a soft fashion feel to it, and the background is light while not being flat white.

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Hillary Clinton, Candidate

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ANNE HATHAWAY by Martin Schoeller

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