Rare Martin 0-18 flat top acoustic guitar From www.palmguitars.com. What a beauty!

I love really nice guitars, but I will always have soft spot in my heart for a good old,beat-up guitar that is well-traveled and well-loved.

Martin Guitars D-28

Martin Guitars D-28

Steel String Guitar The Martin company has been around for over a century and its acoustic guitars are considered to be absolute classics.

Martin & Co Guitar <3

I enjoy listening to and playing guitar! As much as I'd love to own/afford a Martin & Co guitar, I'm afraid I don't! Anyhow, it's my favourite acoustic guitar brand.

1955 Martin 00-17, Guitars

The bass strings are much thicker and the frets are farther apart so there are some things you should know.

Acoustic guitars awaiting use in a rustic cabin. Copyright Heather Applegate

Acoustic guitars awaiting use in a rustic cabin. My Dad played the acoustic guitar in several bands. Just about every day of my young life, I heard guitar music.