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Young Marie Antoinette.  Believe it or not, the little ruff around the neck was an 18th century interpretation of Elizabethan ruffs.  This was the trendy thing to do.

Marie Antoinette - 1762 - Marie Antoinette was born on the same day a major earthquake hit Lisbon, Portugal. This portrait shows Austrian Archduchess Marie Antoinette at age seven.

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Court dress, 1785 Listen to my newest broadcast on Marie-Antoinette and fashion , in which we discuss Marie-Antoinette's reputation of .

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"One of the most well known trends of this period was for miniature models of war ships to be placed upon rolling waves of curls, in celebration of French Navy victories against the British."

The rather ostentatious “Frégate de Junon” hairstyle, as sported by Marie Antoinette. © Fiell Image Archive, 2011 There is no hair more iconic, perhaps, than Marie-Antoinette’s elaborately curled and.

Photographed in Paris at the Centre Historique des archives Nationales, Hôtel de Soubise by Annie Leibovitz.

Marie Antoinette - Photographed in Paris at the Centre Historique des archives Nationales, Htel de Soubise by Annie Leibovitz.

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Marie Antoinette. Sofia Coppola's exceptionally great version of one of history's tragic queens.

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MOVIE: Marie Antoinette, Kristen Dunst wears incredibly detailed costumes & gowns in Sophia Coppola's masterpiece.

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Marie Antoinette's bedroom

Light blue & gold, so beautiful for decoration :) This is Gatchina Palace - The State Bedroom - gilded canopied bed made by A. Jacob, a famous French cabinet-maker of the late century.