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Marching band problem try leave time from the school being 3 am after a football game

Marching Band Problems - ugh I remember this torture too well

Marching Band Problems - it's usually trumpets, colorguard, or flutes. But we flutes were prett good this year so it's really just trumpets and colorguard. Ok mostly colorguard.

A kid in one of my classes was dissing band, and I was seething. I gave him the dirtiest look I could, and he looked away.

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Worse is when having those songs stuck in your head translates to muscle memory taking over and air flagging as you're falling asleep. It's like that trip/fall jolt you sometimes get except your arms do a flourish as you kick your leg out

< Having show music stuck in your head > Ahem, listen up airheads, this ain't just a marching band quote. Give regular band players some shine. Maybe they weren't ALLOWED to be in marching band *extra loud COUGH COUGH*

Marching band was another voluntary act of play I did as a child. Band also housed improvisational potential, being the only tenor drummer allowed me to write my own parts. Writing my own parts helped me get in touch with my artistic side and influenced me to continue and explore other realms of music.

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What's even more awkward? Having to do the same thing as part of the band front :/

THEIR REEDS!!!!!!!! Am I the only one who thought that.....? Yes....? Ok....

Bahahahahahahah XD Lol, but i wouldn't throw my instrument, unless someone with finess is there to catch it