This recipe for rock candy is fun for kids to make!

Homemade Rock Candy Recipe

For Valentine’s Day, we made borax crystal hearts, and playing around with the science of crystals inspired me to try making a rock candy recipe. If you aren’t familiar with rock candy, it is simply

Cinnamon Rock Candy Recipe | Christmas Rock Candy|…

Cinnamon Rock Candy

Cinnamon Rock Candy Recipe, learn how to make homemade rock candy flavored in peppermint and cinnamon for Christmas Hard Candy Gifts

7 Rock Candy Recipes that are so easy to make!  Check out these fun and easy to make #recipes.

7 Fantastic Rock Candy Recipes

Rock Candy is super eaasy to make. Try the Frozen themed rock candy or "ice candy" and have a fun project with the kids.

Rock candy heart gift with tea <3 valentines OR mothers day

How to make Rock Candy Recipe

Rock candy heart gift with tea -- worth a try although I've never once had a successful rock candy outcome