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Add color to a room with a vase made from recycled magazines. From 10 Thousand Villiages.

How to Make a Magazine Bowl and Coasters

How to Make a Magazine Bowl and Coasters

DIY artistic bowl/coasters while being eco-friendly. Recycle your old magazines into decorative and useful bowls/coasters.

Magazine Bowl...I tried doing this a long time ago...not a craft to do with little kids around, unless you have a craft room with a door! But I still love this idea...

magazine bowl - I have a pile in my bathroom that will be (someday) transformed to this beautiful bowl.(when my kids move out of the house).

Recycled Magazine Bowl |

Recycled Magazine Bowl

For DIY home decor that you'll adore, try your hand at this Recycled Magazine Bowl. This bowl is made out of recycled magazine strips, making it a must-add to your Earth Day activities list.