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Butterfly-wolf tattoo by =wolf-minori on deviantART. I would take off the butterfly wing, but the wolf is perfect

I have put up a huge battle with my epilepsy so I kinda like this

"A Battle Within" Seriously considering.I would never get a tattoo unless it had a deep-rooted meaning! I Love This!

Tattoo for FMS and transformation...which is exactly what we all must do living with this lousy damned illness.

Love this tattoo - purple butterfly for Fibromyalgia with pink ribbon for breast cancer. I would love to incorporate the word hope in the wings somehow.

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The most basic reason that someone would choose to get a butterfly tattoo is simply because they are beautiful and mysterious creatures!

tattoo of purple butterflies and words hope and strength

13 Gorgeous Tattoos Inspired by Chronic Illness

Tattoos inspired by chronic illnesses like lupus, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.