Lupus Infographics

Lupus Awareness

Lupus awareness

Purple butterfly, purple ribbon are symbols of invisible diseases such as Crohns, Lupus, and Fibromialgia

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My friend had crohns disease and this past summer i ran marathons and I still help to find a cure to this.

from 26 September till 2 October it is Invisable Illness Awareness week. Do you

from 26 September till 2 October it is Invisible Illness Awareness week. Do you know who is ill around you?

lupus awareness! yeah this shit sucks

Imagine every injury you've ever had all at once, with the flu, all the time. Pain so deep your very core hurts. I am not weak. I am not lazy. I have lupus! Lupus in Color.

Chronic Illness | Fibroymalgia

People assume because you "look fine" you are, its not always the case. Dont judge a book by its cover. chronic pain is invisible. It's hard to be so misunderstood.