Kim Raver, Lipstick Jungle | FASHION FORWARD In explaining fashion-magazine editor Nico Reilly's (Kim Raver) accessories, Ross says, ''She's ahead of the game, she has the ability to see everything that's out there ahead of everybody else. So she's wearing something that maybe other people will be wearing next season. She's wearing jewelry in a way that looks new and fresh and different.'' Coral chains by Michael Kors

Gallery Books to publish an investigative book about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

Lipstick jungle fav-if I were a top business type I would be like this woman.


Lipstick Jungle TV Series starring Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price

lipstick jungle <3

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The best fashion documentaries, movies and TV shows

Victory Ford - Lipstick Jungle

How Victory Ford Wears Pencil Skirts