Lemon beagle puppy! Got one with my name on it to pick up in September! Empty nest at the Stephenson house? Not anymore!

Not owned one yet but have house sat beagles before - really smart dogs

Beagle hound photo | ... weeks old in these photos click on any photo to see the large version

Beagle - Friendly and Curious

Beautiful lemon beagle

theperfectworldwelcome: nrmanandhar: Birthday flowers by zuziapaluch Beautiful& \O/

New 25 years old birthday plan. Buying a beagle and naming him Bagel.

New 25 years old birthday plan. Buying a beagle and naming him Winston.

Lemon beagle puppy

Lemon beagle puppy<< not beagle. It's a Bassett hound. Don't go correcting me either, I have so.

Lemon and white beagle pup

Beagle Dog Breed Information

beagles howling momma beagle teaching baby beagles how to howl.the black baby beagle(bobo) had an a accident on the couch.

Beagle bounding in the snow reminds me so much of Nikki in the Chicago winters

Dashing through the snow. ((hit share to send him dashing through your friends newsfeed!

Canine criminals!

ingloriousbassets: Caught at the scene of the crime! So, uhm, which one of you was supposed to be on the lookout?

Red and white Beagle puppy

Beagle Boys Rabbit Hunting - How to Train your beagle puppy to hunt rabbits Training techniques for teaching your dog to hunt rabbits