Leif Garrett: my Justin Beiber back in the day. :)

And why Leif Garrett net worth is so massive? Leif Garrett net worth is definitely at the very top level among other celebrities, yet why?

Erik Estrada with Leif Garrett on the CHIPS set

My two favorite stars when I was a teenager.Erik Estrada and Leif Garrett

I had a subscription to Tiger Beat...mainly for Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy posters for my wall.

Child of the 70s

I had to get a Leif Garrett Poster.and Donny Osmond.and Shaun Cassidy.I think the poster I had, had Donny on one side and David on the other.

Leif Garrett

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Leif Garrett......i think every girl had a big crush on him way back when......ha

Leif Garrett 1979 during Music File Photos The by Chris Walter at the Music File Photos in los angeles

Leif Garrett

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Tiger Beat (1978) Leif Garrett, Shaun Cassidy, Bay City Rollers, Kristy McNichol. My bedroom wall was covered with Leif Garrett when I was in 8th grade!

Tiger Beat and 16 Magazines. I couldn't wait to get the latest editions!

images of leif garrett | LEIF GARRETT pinup – Posing in SuperTeen Super Teen shirt! ZTAMS

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The Leisure Suit was an often guady fashion ensemble worn by men in the 70s.  The leisure suit consisted of a shirt like suit coat with matching pants. It was usually paired with  a mostly unbuttoned shirt with a huge collar.

*LEIF GARRETT ~ After a stint as a child actor, Garrett made his way on the pop charts in the with hits like "I Was Made for Dancin'." Unfortunately, he didn't escape teen stardom unscathed; Garrett was arrested in February for heroin possession.