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How to Make a Statement Wall with Over-sized Photos

Giant pic tutorial  Would be great above my bed (since i don't have a headboard)

Giant Picture - tutorial

Really cheap way to get a huge print for your walls. Ask for "Engineer print" at Office Max or Office Depot and attach to foam board.

Blueprint copies for DIY family photo posters (via A Beautiful Mess)

^^ Blueprint copies for DIY family photo posters (via A Beautiful Mess). kinko's 'blueprint copy' or 'draft prints' a sq.

nice plant. dont know if its possible to have w gatos. ++ spray it maybe? (natural spray only)

Traditional family photo displays can feel a little stale, so why not switch things up a bit by going large-scale?

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How To Print and Frame Giant Photos For Less Than $20

10+ Large DIY Photo Display Ideas |

10+ Large DIY Photo Display Ideas

Easy DIY Frame With Large Photo-Michele Kats Photography - Copy

The Easiest DIY Picture Frame Made With Love

Décoration mural – Easy DIY Frame With Large Photo-Michele Kats Photography – Copy…

Who doesn't love to display photos? Especially when you can make a huge display for less then $10. Awesome!

PHOTO DISPLAY for large wall surfaces in your home

LARGE PHOTO DISPLAY - Showcase your family pictures in your home with a photo display covering large wall surfaces as part of you home decor.

DIY Large Photo Frame found @

DIY Engineer Print Frame

This DIY Engineer Print Frame is probably one of the easiest projects I have done and it makes such a huge statement.

Print a large photo and mount it on foam board.

21 Wall Art Projects That Are Actually Affordable

I grew up in Yosemite National Park and my parents moved from there a few years ago. I miss it A LOT and so I went back recently and took a fragmented panoramic shot of Yosemite Falls. I love waking up and seeing a photo of the waterfall I used to see outside my bedroom window every morning. I had the whole thing printed/framed by an amazing company called Livestock that makes printing an framing large scale art SO easy. Basically, I ...

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