Leather Lanyard Bracelet DIY | Maegan

Leather Lanyard Bracelet DIY

1 Leather and Fabric Studded Leather and Fabric Studded Bracelets: Learn to make a DIY Leather Bracelet with fun fabric and stud embellishment. A perfect DIY Bracelet for summer stacking!

mixing and matching one's arm candy has become a bit of an art lately.  love this DYI gold and hot pink bracelet.

DIY: Lanyard Bracelet

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ribbon lanyard TUTORIAL

Ribbon Lanyard Bracelets

Those who have made lanyards at scout camp will be familiar with the weaving used to make this bracelet. Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a braided ribbon bracelet in 11 steps by jewelrymaking with scissors, thread, and ribbon.

fun+easy+crafts+for+teens | Kids' craft: How to make a friendship bracelet - Canadian Living

Kids' craft: How to make a friendship bracelet

A Pretty Nest: My DIY - Chain and lanyard bracelet

Since my first DIY is my all time most popular post I decided that it was really time to put up a new one.

How To Lanyard + DIY Bracelet

DIY: Lanyard Bracelet