Kids Prayer Wall I like the prayer wall. But this link leads to a blog describing different churches kids areas, which is pretty cool too.

PrayerWall Maybe with two rows of the fencing for stability, and colored tubes instead of rolled paper, could turn this into kind of large "lite brite" board (minus the light?

Parents notice board, could do youth specific too.

I think it would be a great idea to install a Parents Notification Board in the hall beside the kids meeting room door. It could include upcoming events and series, plus maybe a welcome brochure for new families?

Christian Wall Art. Ten Commandments. Bible by LittleLifeDesigns

Please read entire description before purchase :) Gods Top Ten - Ten Commandments For Kids - Exodus 20 Great for a nursery, childs room, playroom, or anywhere in your home. Also makes a great gift for the kid in your life. OPTIONS: This high resolution

This is a BIG design that another one of our Uppercase Living reps did for a church. You can also imagine doing this on a smaller scale in your child's room with all the words that describe them....or in your family room with words that describe your family. Custom designs are simple with UL!

This is a BIG design that another one of our Uppercase Living reps did for a church. Custom designs are simple with UL!

Rock Hill Baptist Church (Brownsboro,TX) uses the MOBI Portable Counter for e-check-in. With a top surface area large enough to hold a monitor, keyboard, laptop or tablet as well as other supplies; it sets up and takes town in just minutes.

Displayit at Church provides beautiful portable displays for churches. Browse products for mobile and permanent church environments.

Kids Space - a little paint and some cutout facades.  Viola!

Transforming plain church rooms and kids' spaces into exciting children's ministry areas with murals, props and sculptures.