It's a joan necklace  :)  update: HE GOT IT!  THE LIST WORKS!  :)

Mad, bad and not to be missed: Advertising execs in sharp suits and curvaceous women... How Mad Men became a cult hit

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Mad Men Mad Style: Joan I love that black (dark blue?) head scarf look, I really need to try it

Joan Holloway

Shop the Beauty Looks of _Mad Men’_s Memorable Women: In Honor of Tonight’s Season 7 Return

Here are 15 reasons why fiery redhead Joan Holloway is a total boss.

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Okay, okay, so she may be Joan Harris these days, but Christina Hendricks& fabulous Mad Men character will always be Joan Holloway to me.

Eye-catching: Christina Hendricks dazzles her male admirers in a scene from Mad Men

Mad for it: Kim Kardashian captures the magic of sixties glamour by mimicking Mad Men beauty Christina Hendricks

Icon: Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway in the TV series Mad Men

Martinis, ciggies and sex in the afternoon: The woman who took on the Mad Men tells all...: MAD WOMEN: THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE ON MADISON AVENUE IN THE 60s AND BEYOND BY JANE MAAS

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant dishes on her favorite outfits. DuJour talked to Bryant about her process and what makes Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks) special. Pictured: Classic Joan wiggle dress with signature pen necklace.

Christina Hendricks in the new Mad Men series - she is stunning!

The wait is nearly over! Mad Men continues to whet fans' appetites with series of teasing images ahead of fifth season

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) is one of the women of Mad Men, which returns Sunday night on AMC.

Great article about Christina Hendricks.. she is so inspiring!

"I grew up feeling ugly, awkward and horrible": Christina Hendricks on her emergence as a sex icon

collar detail

Track the Beauty Evolution of Your Favorite Female Mad Men Characters

And when she gave us all a new mantra to live by. | 33 Times Joan From "Mad Men" Was The Boss Bitch You Need In Your Life

And when she gave us all a new mantra to live by.

My ad would say: "Fun loving girl. Likes to laugh, lives to love. Seeks size 6 for city living and general gallavanting. No dull moments or dull men tolerated.