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Alice In Wonderland Jewelry Tree

jewelry holder - This would be an awesome tree for toddler work. They could hang apples or acorns etc. on it!

Creative jewelry storage solutions

A tree AND a jewellery organizer. Love it! 30 Red Jewelry Tree / Jewelry Organizer by heartnotincluded

How to use a tree branch for a jewelry display.

DIY Jewelry Make a jewelry tree, I think a Laurel branch would look lovely stained dark. I would use a wood base filled with river rocks on top of the

Manzanita Jewelry Stand #anthropologie

Manzanita Jewelry Stand

Totally need a jewelry tree for my necklaces! Could make one of these with a branch (paint and sparkles) and a block of wood

my bouquet of rhinestones created with vintage brooches, earrings, rhinestone and placed in a shadowbox frame.

Great idea for a grandmother's broche collection: bouquet of rhinestones, vintage jewelry and placed in a shadowbox frame.

Framed Jewelry Christmas Tree I did this with old jewelry and added battery mini-lights too, awesome!

Framed Jewelry Christmas Tree This is the coolest idea I've seen. All those old earrings that are broken and you don't want anymore but don't want to throw away! Like Brian's mom's framed jewelry tree- just add lights.

Jewelry flowers on velvet framed by an old mirror frame. The crafty artisan Judith Cary.

Jewelry flowers on velvet framed by an old mirror frame. The crafty artisan Judith Cary.

I've been doing these for years - 'jewelry Christmas trees'  Two or three years ago I started lining the inside of the shadowbox frames with tiny lights - really makes everything sparkle!  Cord hangs down from the back of the frame to plug in.  Great fun to make! Need to grab the jewels at the thrift store for this one.

The Farmer's Only Daughter: Aunty Lorraine's Christmas Legacy! What an amazing use of old baubles and jewelry. It is now my mission to make one of these someday.