Jello Popcorn, the color and flavor possibilities are endless!

Jello Popcorn

Jello Popcorn! It was a huge hit at the baby shower today.

Fruity Candy Popcorn

It was a huge hit at the baby shower today. 8 cups popped popcorn C butter (that’s half a stick) 3 T light corn syrup (honey is a good substitute) C sugar 1 box jello, any flavor (not the sugar free kind)

Jello Popcorn-8569

Jello Popcorn

Hi Friends, It’s Katie from Made to be a Momma here again to share a fun kids snack! My kids love popcorn! They get so excited when they hear the air popcorn machine going.

Easy Candy Popcorn - Jello mix + Sweetened Condensed Milk + Popcorn :)  Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 300.  Don't forget to stir ;)

Looks fun! "Easy and Yummy Candied Popcorn - sweetened condensed milk + Jello + popcorn"

Baking Outside the Box: Crispy Jello Popcorn Recipe

Crispy Jello Popcorn - - Jello Popcorn Balls in Amazeballs Flavors!

Jello Popcorn Balls in Amazeballs Flavors

Tips from a Typical Mom: Tropical Jello Candied Popcorn

Tropical Jello Candied Popcorn

JELL-O POPCORN - Because Jell-O comes in so many different flavors and colors, it makes for a great way to flavor popcorn for just about any holiday or celebration!

Jello Popcorn Recipe Here is a quick and easy recipe: cup of sugar 3 tablespoons of corn syrup 1 box of Jello 4 tablespoons of butter 10 cups of plain popped popcorn see if this is the same as ours.

Made with Jell-O mix, so it has great flavor too! I've done this with Kool-Aid so I'm excited to try Jell-O

The Urban Un-MARTHA: { Homemade Flavored Popcorn } Not totally sure about this, but I thought I would save it anyway.

Cute As a Fox: Monster Jello Popcorn

Monster Jello Popcorn

How to make flavored popcorn! via Cute As a Fox

Monster Jello Popcorn

I love it is my daughter’s turn to take a snack to preschool. It gives me a good reason to come up with some fun kid friendly snacks. A few weeks ago I found some adorable Monster face sandwich bags in the Target Dollar Spot. I snatched them up and knew I