Drew Van Acker - Jason DiLaurentis (PLL)

Pretty Little Liars' Jason DiLaurentis: Hot hot hot. Pretty much the only reason why I watch Devious Maids.

I got: Jason DiLaurentis! Who Is Your Pretty Little Liars Boyfriend?

Who Is Your Pretty Little Liars Boyfriend?

Pin for Later: So, How Old Is Everyone in the Pretty Little Liars Cast? Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) Jason's Age: 24 Van Acker's Age: 29 *Jason has not yet returned since the five-year time jump.

Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) , Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh) , Drew Van Acker (Jason DiLaurentis) , & Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers) - Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little liars boys Top left: Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) Bottom left: Jason DiLaurents (Drew Van Acker) Top Right: Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) Bottom Right: Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn)

Pin for Later: 5 Familiar Faces That Are Definitely Returning to Pretty Little Liars This Season Jason DiLaurentis Entertainment Weekly exclusively confirmed Drew Van Acker's return in early June.

Jason DiLaurentis

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