Niall Horan Imagines - #Random Imagine

I think we all need this pic of Niall . - It's hard to pick a favorite picture of Niall, but this is definitely one of them.

I don't know about you, but hearing Niall say that makes me want to roll up into the fetal position and cry my little heart out. Mainly because I do this but the difference is Niall is beautiful and saved my life ♡ I would let you know this everyday babe, love you, & don't think anything less of beautiful about yourself!

Just stop! Don't even think that you are ugly! Because you are not! You are the most beautiful person in the whole world and I love you so much!

I could just watch him work very happily. He's so beautiful!

Anonymous said: Mini blurb you say? Answer: imagine coming home to Niall helping your little girl with her homework “Daddy m'tired…” you hear your five year old whine. You peek around the wall and see.

Niall Horan @ Boston Jingle Ball - This Town  This board technically is for the Brits and Americans but Niall is still a part of 1D and I really like his new song

Niall Horan @ Boston Jingle Ball - This Town This board technically is for the Brits and Americans but Niall is still a part of and I really like his new song

Oh babby

dailyniall: “ as if my dad walked up to Niall and asked to take a picture ”

Mrs. Niall James Horan! <3 Why let me go cry in a  corner for the rest of my life.

Niall Horan imagine <<< but if you've only known him 10 years, since you were that makes you a 15 year old fiancee living in an apartment already. Cute imagine though

Niall is probs not gonna read this but I don't care! I love him just the way he is! This is true! @Niall Dunican Dunican Dunican Horan

Yes Nialler I know that I will never ever be with you and I probably will never meet one direction ever but I am a true directioner and I support you and all of the boys. I love you more then you will ever know Niall.

I...I literally don't know what to say,  it's just to much!! He's in a suit and tie and everything!!

you are smoking hot. you look like a rich white kid, but smoking hot

so proud>>> OMG i am sooo sorry that i havent posted anything in like months i just got sooo caught up in writing my fan fic it would mean a lot if you guys could check it out here is the website that is my username if it does not work just search that name or search the title "The one that got away" and it is a black and white cover and has my username as the author thanks lots of love :)

Sometimes, nothing is fair in this world.I love saved me but I will never be able to meet them and are my life saviours