A look at over 20 different Irish Whiskeys and a list of the best Irish Whiskey you can buy.

Top 10 Irish Whiskey Picks for St. Patrick's Day

11 Best Irish Whiskey Brands of 2016 - Types of Whiskey We Love

The Best Irish Whiskeys to Sip This St. Patrick's Day

For those that would rather opt out of the green beer trend, we've rounded up 11 Irish whiskeys that are bound to go down smoothly (and look less alarming).

Why You're Drinking Irish Whiskey All of a Sudden  - Esquire.com

Why You're Drinking Irish Whiskey All of a Sudden

The Best Bottles of Irish Whiskey. Great fathers day gift!

8 of the Best Irish Whiskies

According to Esquire: "The flagship of the line, a bright, aromatic, almost tropical whiskey. The best blended whiskey in the world.

Irish Distillers has launched a new range of super-premium Jameson Irish whiskeys as part of a wider portfolio restructure for the brand.

Jameson’s The Whiskey Makers Series consists of three expressions created by the brand’s head blender, head distiller and head cooper

Teeling Carcavelos Barrel Aged Single Cask Irish Whiskey | @Caskers

In Walter Teeling opened a distillery along Marrowbone Lane in Dublin, Ireland.