The Invisible Woman by Harvey Tolibao___©__!!!!

Invisible Girl © Marvel Comics lineart by my dear friend check out his gallery for some really awesome art. colors by lil ole me Invisible Girl

Wickedly Cool 1940's Retro Superhero Pop Art -GeekTyrant

Fictional Magazine Covers Combine Retro Superheroes and Pin-Up Girls. : Illustrator Des Taylor, who has a self-professed obsession with r.

Fantastic Four Invisible Woman Costume

Come along on a fantastic costume voyage, courtesy of the Invisible Woman

Fantastic Four 608 cover by Frank Cho

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman, Black Panther's Sister, Storm - Frank Cho - FF 608

I am going to be Sue Storm for Halloween.

How to paint Susan Storm invisible woman. Learn to color comics character Susan Storm or invisible woman from Fantastic Four.

Fantasy Cast for the Fantastic Four Reboot.

Fantasy Cast for the Fantastic Four Reboot.

Susan Storm - The Invisible Woman (Marvel Comics. Fantastic Four) + I love FF.and I can pull of Susan without a wig!

Invisible Woman

Invisible woman is an interesting superhero that children might enjoy since sometimes when they have embarrassing moments, they wish they could become invisible, so they can appreciate her superhero.

Susan Storm (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 37

Susan Storm (Earth-616)

Susan Storm is a founding member of the Fantastic Four and later the Future Foundation. She is able to create invisible force fields of any shape she conceives and able to turn herself and anything she's in contact with invisible.

Cover for Marvel Knights "4", no. 5.jpg

Founding Member: Susan Victoria "Sue" Storm-Richards (Invisible Woman) Species: Human Mutate (Long Island, New York, USA) Invisibility, force field and shockwave generation (Debut: