Wall water feature for interiors.  One thing I yet have done for my home and wanted to have one for years, I can't seem to find the right one but this might work.  Need to check it if it will work on hardwood floors without water damage.

Water Wall in Stainless Steel: Self-contained Water Feature. David Harber, UK - I think this type of water feature is beginning to look a bit out of date.

27 Stunning Indoor Water Features You’ll Love

Several Best Spots For Inside Waterfalls: Awe Inspiring Indoor Waterfalls In Unique Shape And Design With Led Light Technique ~ Vnuks

Indoor water wall with dramatic flair 10 Rooms with an Indoor Water Feature

10 Rooms with an Indoor Water Feature

Item Number: SS49 Bowl Style: Large Lotus Bowl Color:Textured Grey Stone Bowl Size: 18in. diameter Approximate Height: 11″ to 13″ (from top of plants to bottom of bowl) Lush foliage of self-watering live plant outline this natural stream. This tabletop fountain has a soothing rhythmic tone. Perfect for relaxation.

A fountain with good Feng Shui: Water & Wood energy together. Indoor fountain w/ live plants

27 Stunning Indoor Water Features You’ll Love

27 Fantastic Indoor Water Features: 27 Fantastic Indoor Water Features With Minimalist Dining Table And Chair And Stone Waterfall Design

waterfall - would LOVE somehthing like this in an entryway, especially if it connected to a kind of stream in the floor under glass, running though the common space and into a courtyard

The beautiful Carrara House in Pilar, Argentina, was designed by Andres Remy Arquitectos; the home stands two stories high with the walls constructed almost ent

indoor Water Feature Design | wall fountain indoor water wall waterwall small asian fountian design ...

Indoor water fountains are very interactive pieces of art that engage the viewer and draw in most people with their broad appeal. Indoor water fountains have been used to add prestige and luxury to a hotel, lobby, or high end spa.