Strong women... I've had this exact thing said to and you know what? I am where…

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Get independent ladies! It's not that they don't want to take care of you. Independent women to a man is SEXY! It shows you can hold it down on your own!

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I work hard, I pay my bills, I maintain myself, I'm independent. When you see me know that's all me, I'm not kept. I'm independent a damn proud of it ! What I get I earned the hard way it's called work!

You always make your own rules for life because you run shit.

17 Things Only Independent Women Will Understand

17 Things Independent Women Understand Pinner said: "showed this to my mom and said this is self centered"

Independent women/ yes I am, I have worked thirty years, pay my own bills, take care of my son and until u pay my bills shut up!!!

Independent woman yes I am, I have worked thirty five years, pay my own bills, raised my kids, and until u pay my bills shut up!

No Words, Quote It    ♡ Building, creating, strong, positive, independent, woman. One quote at a time♡

Nothing can be more powerful then a women determined to rise … we have collected some inspiring Strong Women quotes .