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An image of an ice sculpture us an example of transient photography as eventually the ice will melt and the sculpture will no longer exist.

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Ice Impressions Ice Sculptures for Winter Festivals and Special Events, Michigan Ice Sculptures, Traverse City, Michigan Festivals, Michigan Snow and Ice Festivals.

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Top 40 des sculptures sur neige et glace impressionnantes

Extraordinary ice sculpture by set designer and art director, Rhea Thierstein for Vogue...

The Ice Ship. The sculpture is the creation of rhea thierstein, art director/set designer/prop stylist who often pairs with Tim Walker (she was responsible for the mechanical dolls shoot), with the ice ship created for Vogue US

© 2010 Gary Whitton. All Rights Reserved  "Blue Ring Octopus" Ice Sculpture, 2010 World Ice Art Championships February 27, 2010 in Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska, February Blue Ring Octopus Ice Sculpture, 2010 World Ice Art Championships-----I remember that it was awesome!


The amusing and bizarre in the world of ice art. - A Gallery of Weird, Wild and Wacky Ice Sculptures

Fairbanks, Alaska. World Ice Art Champtionships, single block sculpture

Business Writer,Lou Vickery *W Fairbanks, Alaska. World Ice Art Championships, single block