Bluebelle the vintage ice cream van, ice cream van hire UK

Kiss My cake is also home to 'Bluebelle' the vintage ice cream & Cupcake Van.our lovingly restored retro 1974 Bedford ice cream van which is available to hire for weddings and events!

Credit: Luke Stephenson These are not cute vintage vans, dispensing cones of rose sorbet and salt caramel to middle-class festival-goers. They are Transits, plastered with Disney cartoons in varying states of fadedness, trawling the streets selling 99 Flakes.

Ice-cream vans, by Luke Stephenson – in pictures

~~ VINTAGE ICE CREAM TRUCKS ~~ English photographer Luke Stephenson decided to photograph them in order to preserve a little bit of childhood memorabilia before they go to the scrapyard.

Who Needs Candy... when you can have Ice Cream!!!  Kombi Ice Cream Van Volkswagen VW

Southpoint Volkswagen serving Baton Rouge LA, New Orleans LA, Hammond, and Metairie LA.

Ice Cream Van (via Mr. Whippy)

If I ever win the lottery I would buy an ice cream van sell Mr whippy's penny sweets