WALK IN CLOSET!!! <3 <3 LOVE IT!! Like Barbie's haha

Interior Design Ideas by Victoria Faynblat

Master Closet!!! That he saw and said "Hard Wood! Hell No." I'm putting a twin in there and making it my new bedroom!

Master closet has a large double window which provides plenty of natural light. The Custom Built-Ins mix hanging spaces with shelving for Shoes and Purses. A large central Packing Island has big drawers for accessories and jewelry.

would probably have a shoe fetish too if i had all these shelves

The shoe closet i have been dreaming of my whole life! I neeeeed! To bad I am not Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey's huge climate controlled walk in shoe closet.

This closet inspiration will have you ready to re-do.

13 Enviable Closets From Pinterest

In all of the bedrooms in my house I want walk in closets. This picture is a huge walk in closet and something this big would probably be for the master bedroom.

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A walk-in closet is a dream of every girl or lady who loves to keep shoes, bags and dresses. So we have found 10 absolutely bewitching walk-in closet desig

http://teds-woodworking.digimkts.com/Beautiful and easy to make. No I have an excuse to buy more tools! http://teds-woodworking.digimkts.com/Its surprising how many people can fit comfortably in one of these.Anyone can do this with the right plansI want  diy tiny homes british columbia . http://diy-tiny-homes.digimkts.com

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A gigantic two story closet for your infinite collection of shoes, clothes and more shoes

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Two-Story Closet! (A bit more than my one-story dressing room, but maybe I can get some design inspiration anyway.) Two-Story Closet!

Great walk-in closet

Traditional Closet with Walk in closet, specialty door, Carpet, California Closets Bedroom Closet, Recessed ceiling - Focus On Luxury

source: LA Closet Design      Restoration Hardware Victorian Hotel Pendant Bronze over huge closet island with black countertops. Faux bois wallpapered doors. white drawer storage and mini fridge. Weathered hardwood flooring and combination rack, shelf and cupboard storage.

LA Closet Design - closets - fridge in closet island!WINE AND SHOES, mini fridge in closet island,

http://teds-woodworking.digimkts.com/Anyone can do this with the right plans.Great! Now I want one too. http://teds-woodworking.digimkts.com/A friend did this and it turned out great. Anyone can do this with the right plansMy family is going to love diy tiny homes on wheels !! http://teds-woodworking.digimkts.com/


The best of luxury closet design in a selection curated by Boca do Lobo to inspire interior designers looking to finish their projects. Discover unique walk-in closet setups by the best furniture makers out there

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The 15 Most Stunning Closets You've Ever Seen