Nautical Nauti Girl and Bad Buoy Standard by TreasuresShop on Etsy, $38.00

Nautical "Nauti Girl" and "Bad Buoy" Standard Pillowcases for your Bedroom Decor by TreasuresShop on Etsy

Lakeaholic Pillow  lake house decor lake house by Seagate8Studio

Lakeaholic Pillow - lake house decor, lake house pillow by on Etsy

It's a Necessity: Boat Rules We Live By

Boat Rules We Live By

Love the clamped mason jar idea ~Being on a boat, like any home, requires some "household rules" to make things run smoothly. I am not talking about curfews or anything of the sorts, although sometimes those are needed too, but

dock bench that fold up when not in use. so you can sit with your feet in the water

Swim Bench allows you to sit with your feet in the water & designed to fold up onto the dock when not in use.

The No. 1 Living 40 Houseboat

The No. 1 Living 40 Houseboat

Cheap Houseboat Interior Ideas

Cheap Houseboat Interior Ideas

A lot of people forget about houseboats in regards to housing alternatives. A houseboat may be terrific addition to any waterfront property. This houseboat creates a statement. Buying a houseboat m…

Another great find on #zulily! 'Lake Rules' Wall Sign #zulilyfinds

Young's Wood Lake Rule Wall Sign, Measures Made from wood Trendy design for cabin life Stylish decorative accent for any room decor Great gift for family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances ship will come in...and I'm going to live on it.

How to Decorate a Houseboat

Harborside Houseboat Rentals is located on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Each houseboat in our collection has many different amenities. Reservations should be made as early as possible and will be held only with a deposit.